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Our Story

Since the mid 90's, there have been energy efficient homes offering reduced energy costs, and a better living environment concerning health for those who can afford them. However, an estimated 5 million American households considered working class, are less likely or merely unable to afford an energy efficient home or upgrade. The irony is despite smaller homes, working-class families often pay the highest energy bills. That ends now!

Enter the Trifecta. Three contractors with a combined experience of 80 years in building homes and energy efficiency programs came together to form WBuilds, with one goal in mind, to build energy efficient, affordable homes.

Starting with wSmart® which is WBuilds design process. Taking the latest trends in home design and applying energy-efficient design and materials to offer an affordable energy efficient home to all of our clients.

A design is only as good as the builder which is where our specialized build team comes in, WBuilds®. Quality construction and forward-thinking all come together to build your affordable energy efficient home.