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In today’s world, saving energy is as important for the environment as it is for the economy. As a result of this, Florida utility companies are turning to an energy service or weatherization contractor. Contractors like Alternative Energy Applications help carry out these energy incentive programs, which save energy and money.

What Are Energy Incentive Programs?

Not everyone can afford to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes. Because of this, most states offer energy incentive programs. These programs are made to help reduce energy costs. In Florida, many energy incentive programs are run by utility companies. In the Tampa area, utility companies like Tampa Electric Company offer weatherization programs.

Utility companies hire an energy service and weatherization contractor to help. These contractors work with utility companies and customers to find energy-saving solutions. With the help of contractors, Florida utility companies offer many services through incentive programs. Tampa Electric Company and Jacksonville Electric Authority offer services such as:

  • Financial incentives for lighting, HVAC, and water heating
  • Financial incentives for energy-efficient equipment
  • Free basic energy audits to find energy-reducing solutions

Because of our high reputation, Alternative Energy Applications is a choice contractor for many companies across the state. We assist in programs that offer zero-cost solutions to reduce energy usage.

Why Do Florida Utility Companies Choose AEA as Their Weatherization Contractor?

Utility companies choose AEA because of our many accomplishments. We have provided over 79 years of utility conservation as well as construction experience. We offer energy-saving programs that most people do not know about! These programs offer rebates and incentives at little or no cost to consumers. This will benefit your home, workplace, and our environment.

We work with local utility companies to be a one-source provider for energy solutions. We:

  • Find conservation programs and incentives that you qualify for
  • Make sure you fully understand how the programs work
  • Calculate your expected energy savings
  • Put your energy conservation plan into action from start to finish

We Work with Companies Across Florida Like TECO and JEA

AEA has a strong relationship with Tampa Electric Company in Central Florida. We work with them as an energy service as well as a weatherization contractor. In the last two years, we have completed over 8,000 projects for TECO. Additionally, AEA was used by Tampa Electric to carry out their Commercial Energy Planner Pilot Program. We also participated in their Residential Energy Planner Program.

AEA is a choice contractor in TECO’s Insulation Rebate Program. We have also provided verifications for TECO’s residential conservation program. This includes duct, insulation, and window replacement. During peak season, we conducted energy audits for them as well.

AEA also works closely with northern Florida utility companies. We are the choice weatherization contractor for Jacksonville Electric Authority. AEA is also a contractor for JEA’s Insulation and Duct Repair Program. We also take part in JEA’s commercial insulation rebate program. Furthermore, AEA is one of only two contractors chosen to deliver JEA’s Low Income Weatherization project.

AEA’s Excellent Reputation as a Weatherization Contractor in Florida

Alternative Energy Applications is not a choice utility contractor based on accomplishments alone. We also supply quality certified support as an energy service and weatherization contractor. AEA has an Unlimited Electrical License. This is the highest level of electrical license issued by the state of Florida.

We staff a certified professional engineer and three certified Energy Analysts. Additionally, our key personnel include Certified Energy Managers and Certified Demand Site Management. Other certifications include Industrial Electricity and advanced air conditioning and refrigeration.

Alternative Energy Applications is committed to providing excellent customer service by maintaining strong ethical standards, offering expert energy consultations, focusing first on the safety of our customers and staff, and consistently delivering the highest-quality products and installation services.

To find out how we can increase your, contact us online or call us at (813)685-4999. AEA provides Florida with an energy service and weatherization contractor. Our skilled team makes it easy for you to enact energy-saving projects that will save time and money — that is the AEA Advantage.



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Meta: Alternative Energy Applications is the energy service and weatherization contractor of choice for utility companies all across the state of Florida that use our services to implement energy-saving solutions. We help consumers save energy and money with our audits and other power conservation services.